British actor David Suchet

The Last Confession | 2007, 2014

“A powerful play, with the cracking pace of a good thriller”

— Daily Express, 2007



Opening night: 27 April 2007 Closing night: 15 Sep 2007 Chichester Festival Theatre, Theatre Royal Haymarket (from June 2007)
Opening night: 19 April 2014 Closing night: 28 Sep 2014 Canada (April 19 — June 1), USA (June 7 — July 6), Australia (August 5 — September 28)


Written by Roger Crane
Directed by David Jones (2007)
Directed by Jonathan Church (2014)
Designer: William Dudley (2007, 2014)
Lighting: Peter Mumford
Costumes: Fotini Dimou


David Suchet as Cardinal Giovanni Benelli
Michael Jayston as The Confessor
Richard O'Callaghan as Cardinal Albino Luciani / Pope John Paul I
Bernard Lloyd as Cardinal Jean Villot
Stuart Milligan as Bishop Paul Marcinkus

and Michael Cronin, Paul Foster, John Franklin Robbins, Charles Kay, Joseph Long, Roger May, Christopher Mellows, Stuart Milligan, Joseph Mydell, Richard O'Callaghan, Bruce Purchase, Clifford Rose.

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Disturbed by the corruption in Vatican City, caused mainly by Paul Marcinkus and Jean-Marie Villot, Benelli attempts to manipulate the August 1978 conclave and elect Albino Luciani as Pope. The plan succeeds and Luciani becomes Pope John Paul I but his unconventional views and actions make him enemies in the Curia.

Just thirty three days into his reign, John Paul dies suddenly and Benelli investigates the death, suspecting the Pope was murdered. Realising that a request for an autopsy would damage the church, Benelli decides to end the investigation and tries to become Pope himself. This time his efforts to manipulate the conclave fail and a compromise candidate, Karol Wojtyla, is elected Pope.

Run time

2 hours 35 minutes with a 15 minute intermisison

download large image | © 2007 | photo by Geraint Lewis

download large image | © 2007 | photo by Geraint Lewis

What press had to say... (in 2014)

“Suchet, who is hardly ever off stage manages to win you over in the first minutes of the performance — and the intensity he brings to the role is captivating.” — Alan Henry, “David Suchet in The Last Confession is Drama at its Absolute Best”, BroadwayWorld.com

“Fortunately, the role is in the hands of the great David Suchet, who understands that power and nuance are not mutually exclusive qualities in an actor. If you’ve only thrilled to him on the small screen (as in Agatha Christie’s Poirot) you have a treat in store. This is a man who truly comes into his own in live performance, vibrating with the intensity of his emotion, but still managing to deliver lengthy, complex speeches with perfect bite and clarity. Best of all, he doesn’t try to sugar-coat his character, but let’s us see him in all his arrogant imperfection.” — Richard Ouzounian, “The Last Confession: Review”, The Star, Toronto

What press had to say... (in 2007)

“Brilliantly combines grandeur with a sense of doom.” — Sunday Times

“Fascinating, complex and fast moving.” — Evening Standard

“The cast were strong throughout and direction was slick and purposeful by David Jones, with intriguing design by William Dudley.” — Michael Sell for The Stage

“Suchet is superb as Benelli, saturnine, struck with both ambition and guilt.” — Michael Coveney for Whatsonstage.com

“What a pleasure to encounter such an ambitious new play — a conspiracy thriller and murder mystery that manages the rare feat of being as intelligent as it is entertaining. Part whodunnit, part meditation on the nature of faith, Roger Crane’s debut drama kept me gripped throughout... Having excelled on television as Robert Maxwell, David Suchet gives another compelling portrait of power as Benelli, who came close to becoming Pope himself... A West End transfer must surely beckon for this wise and absorbing play.” — The Daily Telegraph


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