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The Actor Behind Popular `Poirot'

IT was a tantalizing question: Was this man shaking my hand in the lobby of the Grand Hotel the world’s greatest detective, or merely the world’s second greatest? David Suchet, alias Hercule Poirot, was certain of the answer. With a characteristic twinkle in his brown eyes, he said flatly: “Hercule Poirot ... believes he is the world’s greatest detective” and certainly a notch above the equally famous Sherlock Holmes.

Mr. Suchet, whose Belgian-French accent, mincing step, and perfumed mustache give him great authenticity with Agatha Christie readers, has made Poirot one of the most popular figures of all time with “Mystery!” fans on PBS television.


The Kreutzer Sonata

// The Listener, 1980  || Note for david-suchet.ru by Daria Pichugina (proofreading by Yaroslava Vereshchagina)

The Kreutzer Sonata was the husband’s account, told in the first person, of the circumstances in which he murdered his wife, and in its original production on the World Service David Suchet’s performance as the narrator earned him the 1979 award of the best audio actor of the year. If anyone equals it in 1980 we shall be singularly fortunate for it stood head to ankles above anything I have heard in the past 12 months.

The Taming Of The Shrew

Michael Billington // One Night Stands

A surly yobbo starts a row with an usherette in the front stalls. «I’m not having any bloody woman telling me what to do,» he cries. He then scrambles drunkenly on to the Stratford stage, pulling down bannisters and toppling pillars like some berserk Samson. Lights explode; the stage fills with harassed backstage staff; and gullible patrons start making for the exit to call the police.

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