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British actor David Suchet

poirot and me

David Suchet // Daily Mail. Extracted from ‚ÄúPoirot And Me‚ÄĚ by David Suchet and Geoffrey Wansell, published by Headline.

Spoiler Alert: don't read if you do not want to know the final outcome!

Final case

For more than two decades, viewers have been used to¬†seeing him solve murder after murder. But in¬†his final¬†TV appearance last night, the killer turned out to¬†be¬†Hercule Poirot himself. In¬†a¬†dramatic finale to¬†the long-running ITV series, the Belgian detective¬†‚ÄĒ played for 25¬†years by¬†David Suchet¬†‚ÄĒ was seen shooting a¬†man in¬†the head before signing a¬†dramatic deathbed confession.

After a lifetime spent solving crime, he died of a heart attack and was found slumped in bed by his best friend Captain Hastings.

Agatha Christie fans will not have been surprised to¬†see Poirot die in¬†the last episode, since the novel it¬†was based on¬†‚ÄĒ Curtain: Poirot‚Äôs Last Case¬†‚ÄĒ was first published in¬†1975.

But the ending was kept a¬†guarded secret by¬†ITV nonetheless. Even those devotees who knew the outcome found themselves wishing it¬†would end differently. Writing online shortly before it¬†screened last night, one viewer wrote: ‚ÄėPoirot can‚Äôt die, he¬†just can‚Äôt.‚Äô Another said: ‚ÄėI can‚Äôt believe Poirot‚Äôs gonna die next episode. I‚Äôm not prepared for this.‚Äô

Over 13 series, Poirot has featured 1,124 actors, including the new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi and Homeland star Damian Lewis.

In his final case, Poirot decides to kill a hotel guest, Stephen Norton, who has caused the deaths of five people without being convicted, and who plans to kill again.

After shooting him, Poirot commits suicide by¬†failing to¬†take the amyl nitrate he¬†needs for his heart condition. At¬†the end of¬†the episode, he¬†writes a¬†confession explaining his actions to¬†Hastings. As¬†he¬†dies in¬†bed, he¬†is¬†heard to¬†utter: ‚ÄėForgive me.‚Äô

Here David Suchet, 67, tells the amazing story of¬†why he¬†came to¬†play the role of¬†Poirot, how he¬†made it¬†the definitive portrayal of¬†the fastidious Belgian detective¬†‚ÄĒ and his sadness at¬†having to¬†say a¬†last farewell...

On a damp, chilly November morning I am feeling old, very old. So old, indeed, that I am on the brink of death. You can barely hear my voice as the angina invading my body takes an ever-increasing toll. Every whisper seems to bring another racking cough. I have lost 2st, my face is the colour of aged parchment and my hands are gnarled like human claws.

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