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British actor David Suchet


Robert Maxwell fooled and bullied people he worked with and finally ruined the lives of many by wrecking their pensions. Jane Dudley talks to David Suchet, who plays the crooked media tycoon in a new drama

Craig Warner’s drama about Robert Maxwell begins just as the tycoon’s business and personal worlds are imploding — multi-billion-pound business empire on the rocks, marriage in difficulties, rival Rupert Murdoch sprinting ahead, leaving an ever-fatter Maxwell in his wake.

The flotation of The Daily Mirror doesn’t raise enough cash to get him out of the hole, his secretary tells him to get lost when he tries it on with her, and his finance chief tries to quit. So Maxwell retreats to the heart of his web, at the offices of The Daily Mirror, and sets about saving his skin. His attempts to stem the tide of debts culminate in him stealing millions from his companies and their pension funds.

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