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About the website

Once there will appear a long (and lyrical) story of the website creation, and in the meantime, here are the facts in short.=.

Facts of history


the first website version was launched at d-suchet.narod.ru


the second website version, the English version was placed: the texts were elaborated by Adelka – (Olga Khomuk) with the help of Kim Dolce. The mini-website about the film “Sunday” was released (the author of the idea, texts and material collection pertain to Adelka).

The website had not been updated for 7 years… BUT!

At the end of 2011...

... the work on the new third version at david-suchet.ru began. The new design was created, new articles were written, the editorial policy was changed. In April 2012, a completely renewed website was opened.

Website creators

Daria Pichugina (St. Petersburg, Russia) is the website owner, decoration author, web-master, editor, text author.

Olga Khomuk aka Adelka (Tver, Russia, now Sweden) is the first author of the English version of the website, translator, text author, generator of the idea of the mini-website about the film “Sunday”.

Kim Dolce (USA) rendered significant help in creation of the first English version of the website.

Noriko Go (Japan) and Laurence Hogg (Great Britain) provided the exclusive materials for the first version of the website.

New translations for the third website version were performed by Мaria Kingisepp, Еlena Ukhina and Еlena Philippova (St. Peterburg, Russia), Anastasia Chikova (Моscow, Russia).


Special gratitude

To Yaroslava Vereshchagina, an administrator of the group in the social network vKontakte and to Sanna, the author of another fan-website concerning David Suchet who, during the hard times for this project, put up all the most important news about our favourite actor on their pages. Special thanks to Tatiana Karpova for her longstanding support.

Keep in touch!

Have you noticed any mistakes or inaccuracies? Have you got any photos and materials of David Suchet? Would you like to help with translations (both English-Russian and Russian-English translations are welcomed)? Please, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


As for our plans…

New translations of articles from English into Russian for the Russian version of the website.

Redesign of the mini-website about the film “Sunday” for the English version of the website.

Personal plans of the website owner is to see David Suchet on stage in the play “Long Day’s Journey into Night” in the beginning of May 2012.Done!

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